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The main objective of the school is to give students from the EU understanding of different conflicts on Post-Soviet space.

The school offers students a 38-hour course covering lectures, discussions business games, and individual mini-projects.

The school offers Russian language courses at Beginner level, visits to prominent sights and a great opportunity to learn about national traditions of Eastern Ukraine.

Discipline: History, Culture, Politics and geopolitics

Discipline: Marketing strategies, Logistics networks, Competitive analysis

Discipline: Lectures and discussions in Area Studies and Russian Language courses

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The school offers students a 40-hour course covering mini-lectures, business games, simulations, role plays, situational exercises and discussions.

This course’s main goal is to guide students towards basic communicative competence in Russian. The focus is to further strengthen listening, speaking, reading, writing, and communication skills.

Join the students of Physics Department at unique academic program in English and combine it with exciting cultural experience at one of the oldest European Universities.

Discipline: Company’s Informational System as the Anti-Crisis Management Platform, Managerial Challenge, Crisis Strategic Adjustments, etc.

Discipline: The alphabet, learning to read and write, Oral pronunciation, listening comprehension and basic vocabulary, Conversation practice, etc.

Discipline: Physics of Elementary Particles, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, Radiation Material Science, etc.

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