How to become a participant

7 steps to get funding for your project:

Step 1: Choose a competition

The first task is to decide on a competition that is suitable for your organization or corresponds to your idea of a potential project. Check the application submission deadline and carefully read the special conditions of the chosen competition.

Step 2: Get the documents and the competition forms.

The European Commission publishes a complete package of documents, including the "Guide for Applicants", which contains all the necessary materials for preparing and submitting applications for funding. The information package (for each competition) is available on the FP7 Participant Portal.

Step 3: Create a consortium.

The main idea of EU funding is international cooperation, so your consortium must meet this requirement. The consortium should be composed of partners from different countries capable of fulfilling the tasks contained in the project. Partners can be easily found through scientific and business networks or through the Partner Service on the CORDIS website.

Step 4: Prepare the project and submit it to the European Commission in time

Participants must use the Electronic Proposal Submission System (EPSS), which is a secure online space for joint proposal preparation and submission by consortium members. The competition has a clear application submission deadline, which applicants must adhere to.

Step 5: Evaluation

According to the competition rules, all submitted project proposals are considered by a group of independent experts in these areas.

Step 6: Sign a contract

Once the application has passed the evaluation stage, applicants will be informed about the results. If your project receives a positive assessment and a decision on funding is made, the European Commission concludes a Grant Agreement with each participant.

Please note: In Horizon 2020, Grant Agreements are signed electronically

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Step 7: Launch the project and start research

We are happy for everyone who successfully completes all the steps and receives EU funding for research in the chosen field.