Jean Monnet

A Jean Monnet MODULE is a short teaching program (or course) in the field of European studies at a higher education institution. Each Module has a minimum duration of 40 teaching hours per academic year. Teaching hours are taken to include direct contact hours in the context of group lectures, seminars, tutorials and may include any of the aforementioned in a distance learning format but do not include individual instruction. Modules may concentrate on one particular discipline in European studies or be multidisciplinary in approach and therefore call upon the academic input of several professors and experts.

The Jean Monnet Module anchors and mainstreams teaching on EU matters in curricula which so far have included EU-related content only to a limited extent. They also bring facts and knowledge on the European Union to a broad spectrum of learners and interested citizens.

What is funded?

The Jean Monnet Module must take one of the following forms:

  • general or introductory courses on European Union issues (in particular at institutions and schools that do not yet have a highly developed course offering in the field);
  • specialized teaching on European Union developments (in particular at institutions and schools that do already have a highly developed course offering in the field);
  • summer and intensive courses that are fully recognized.

Higher educational institutions support the Module coordinators in disseminating information, in their teaching, research, discussion and reflection activities on the problems of European integration; they recognize the teaching activities developed; monitor the activities; give visibility and valorize the results obtained by their staff involved in Jean Monnet projects.

Who can take part in competitions?

The applicant can be an institution of higher education established in any country of the world. Institutions of higher education established in the Program member countries must be signatories to the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE). Individuals cannot apply for a grant on their own.

Up to 20% of the budget allocated to support Modules will be granted to Jean Monnet Modules for which the coordinators are researchers who have obtained a PhD degree in the last five years. This measure will support young researchers starting their academic careers.

Project duration: 3 years.

More information is available here.