About Erasmus+

Karazin University is an active participant in the EU Erasmus+ grant program. The program envisages cooperation with European universities for mutual exchange of undergraduate, postgraduate students, faculty and staff of higher educational institutions. Studying or teaching is possible in different fields of knowledge.

Erasmus+ is a program of the European Union for 2014-2020 supporting cooperation projects, partnerships, activities and mobility in the field of education, training, youth and sports. Together with more than 150 countries, Ukraine is one of the Erasmus+ partner countries. The member countries of the Program are 28 EU states, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Turkey, and Macedonia. The budget of the Program for 2014-2020 is 14.7 billion euros.

The National Erasmus+ Office in Ukraine operates to increase awareness, visual accessibility, relevance, effectiveness, and impact of the Erasmus+ international components in the field of higher education.

Erasmus+ competitions take place annually from October to February/March.

Detailed information on all the opportunities is available on the Erasmus+ website