The Fulbright Program is the program for exchange of scholars and students founded by the US senator James William Fulbright in 1946. It is funded by the US Department of State from the United States Congress via annual appropriation bills. The central idea is that understanding and interaction between different peoples is possible only on the basis of knowledge and respect for a diverse world. International educational exchanges for students, scientists, teachers and artists who receive funding on a competitive basis should help implement the idea into reality. Exchanges are conducted based on the principle of "cross” education meaning that American students study abroad while foreign students study in the USA.

Nowadays the program covers more than 155 countries. In 50 of them, regional commissions for program management were created. In Ukraine, which joined the program in 1992, the commission is in Kyiv. More than 900 Ukrainian students and researchers have won the scholarship for 22 years.

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