June 1, 2021

Speech of Acting University President V. S. Bakirov to Colleagues on May 31, 2021

Dear colleagues!

When we were creating a new, first Ukrainian master's program "Digital Society" at the Department, we pointed out the advantages, but also serious challenges of such a society.

Among the latter is the possibility to anonymously throw mud at anyone, while remaining unpunished. The consequences of this option destroy the moral foundations of life, psychologically traumatize people, devalue the concepts of honor, dignity, decency.

Unfortunately, during the University President's election, we saw how this option works.

An unprecedented campaign of feces hitting the fan, sorry for the medical term, has been launched on social networks. And, surprisingly, the fan is directed only on one of the candidates.

I’ve seen a lot in my life, started my career as a railway worker, worked in the police and before that I naively thought that I knew abusive language well. But now I find a lot of new things in the media. I have never encountered such a concentration of stinking dirt and animal hatred. At the same time, the University is often mentioned and portrayed as the main reserve of corruption, ignorance, and shoddiness.

And this is at the beginning of admission campaign, in conditions of fierce competition for applicants.

I did not and do not allow myself to campaign for certain candidates. I emphasized and will continue to emphasize my respect for their professional qualifications and achievements. Each voter must make their choice freely, and I insisted on this and will continue to do so.

However, it is impossible not to notice the facts of spreading false information, which adds fuel to the fire, excites semi-literate and crazy network mercenaries. Thus, the allegations about the administration that opposed the candidate's meetings with the Schools are obviously untrue and cast a shadow on the reputation of both the administration and the University, making parents think about whether to send their children to such a university.

And if they also read repulsive posts and comments on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, etc., it is easy to imagine their possible solution.

I emphasize it again. We have two candidates, I treat each of them the same, I do not campaign for either, I wish them success. I am sure that only a barrack or an almshouse can be built on hating and lying. But not the temple of education and science.

The temple of education and science can be built only on truth, only on trust, only on mutual respect.

We are rightly proud of our University's unique atmosphere of creativity, intelligence, friendship and decency.

I have given the University forty years of life (forty years!), And it will be a huge personal tragedy for me if this atmosphere, which we breathe freely, is polluted. We cannot allow this.

Thank you all! Take care of yourselves!

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