August 28, 2020

Opening of Photo Collage Exhibition "KANGAROO BLUES" and Presentation of Eponymous Poetry Collection

On August 21, 2020, Karazin University hosted the opening of an exhibition of photo collages “KANGAROO BLUES” created by Oleh Maliovanyi on the basis of photo documentation of Tetiana and Borys Hryniov’s trip, as well as a presentation of Borys Hryniov’s eponymous poetry collection.

The project “KANGAROO BLUES” appeared as a result of an attempt to poetically and visually capture the kaleidoscope of vivid impressions experienced by the Hryniovs during their trip to Australia.

The opening took place with the participation of the University Vice-President  Anatolii Babichev; Director of the Center for Contemporary Art YermilovCenter, Nataliia Ivanova; Director of Henryk Siemiradzki Art Gallery, Lusiia Maslova; the exhibition curator Maryna Konieva, authors of the exhibition: Academician Borys Hryniov, his wife Tetiana Hryniova, and photographer Oleh Maliovanyi, curator of “The Hryniovs’ Collection” Viktoriia Bavykina, as well as artists, the University professors and Kharkivites.

At the beginning of the event, Nataliia Ivanova introduced the exhibition authors to the guests and turned the floor over to Maryna Konieva.

Maryna Konieva noted that during the preparation they first of all wanted to create an atmosphere of traveling in various forms.

The University Vice-President Anatolii Babichev said that culture and art should be part of education and science. “That’s why I’m very pleased that today we are opening such an extremely bright exhibition. And Kharkivites have the opportunity to see this unique exposition,” he added.

Tetiana Hryniova noted that the traveler’s dream, which rarely comes true, is to tell about their journey to many. “This time, we are very lucky: we have a book, photos, a movie. You can’t imagine how happy I am, because I so much want to share with you at least part of the impressions I received. Besides, Australia is a truly incredible country,” she said.

According to Oleh Maliovanyi, some of the photos were combined with poems, and imagination was used to work on the rest. “I worked with files that were made without the idea of being exhibited anywhere, but in the end I was involved in this adventure,” said Oleh Maliovanyi.

Borys Hryniov said that the project is the result of two trips to Australia, which he made with his wife. “We were given a visa for a year, and we decided to visit this country again,” he shared. Borys Hryniov recited several poems from his collection and told stories about their incredible journey.

The exhibition will be open for visitors until September 26, 2020.

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