The XIII International Festival of Science Fiction "Star Bridge 2011" took place in Kharkiv.


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September 15-18, 2011

Kharkiv International Festival of Science Fiction "Star Bridge - 2011»

The XIII International Festival of Science Fiction "Star Bridge 2011" took place in Kharkiv.

It was first launched in 1999. The festival became an international event, it was actively discussed by the media in Ukraine and Russia. A distinctive feature of the festival is participation of writers, publishers and fans of science fiction as well as distinguished scientists and artists. In subsequent years, "Star Bridge" gathered even more participants. In addition to guests from all the CIS countries, participants from the U.S.A., Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain, Israel, Poland, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Moldova attended it.

This year the festival has attracted over sixty writers who regularly publish their books, including such well-known authors as M. and S. Dyachenko, V. Panov, A. Gromyko, O. Divov, V. Golovachev, H.L. Oldie, A. Valentynov O. Lukin, V. Vasyliev, V. Sverzhin, O. Bessonov, A. Zorych, V. Shalygin, R. Glushkov, D. Kazakov, M. Babkin, L. Kaganov, A. Chernetsov, O. Pankeyeva, Yu. Burnos, Ya. Verov, K. Benedyktov, A. Dashkov, S. Vilar, L. Astakhova, Ya. Gorshkova and others. Also the "Star Bridge" attracted representatives of publishing houses "EKSMO", "Snizhnyi Kom M", "Shyko" and others.  The magazines "Yakshcho" (If"), "Realnist' Fantastyky" ("Reality of Science Fiction"), "Meridian", "Ochevidnoie - Neveroyatnoie" ("Obvious - Unbelievable"), and known critics, translators, artists, literary agents and science fiction fans took part in the Festival.

About 200 participants officially registered for the festival this year. Entrance for "free audience" was free to almost all events of the festival.

Readers were presented new books from the vintage series "Star Bridge" by Yaroslav Verov, Mykhailo Babkin and Ludmila Astakhova. During the festival, there were debates and reports on theory, practice and the current state of science fiction, art exhibitions, H.L. Oldie seminar, creative workshop "Druhyi Blin",  panel sessions and seminars on alternative history, the network literature, philosophy section, the round table the "Common Field of Popular Literature of the CIS Countries "and others. A championship paintball and concerts of Yevgen Lukin (Volhoghrad), Boris Smolyak (Kharkiv), Oleh Ladyzhenskyi (Kharkiv), Dream-folk-group "Nemnoho Nervno" ("A Little Nervous") (Zaporizhzhya).

Literary prizes, M. V. Hohol medals, A. P. Chekhov awards and others were awarded at the festival.

Within the framework of the festival "Star Bridge 2011" creative meetings with writers H.L. Oldie, Andriy Valentyniv, Ihor Chornyi, Lyudmila Astakhova and Yana Horshkova were held  at the bookstore "BOOKS". The festival was held at V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University and Economics and Law University of Kharkiv.


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Kharkiv International Festival of Science Fiction "Star Bridge - 2011»
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