March 6, 2020

Presentation of Dmytro Bahalii’s Republished Book “History of Sloboda Ukraine”

On March 3, 2020, Karazin University held a presentation of Dmytro Bahalii’s republished work “History of Sloboda Ukraine”.

Publisher Oleksandr Savchuk congratulated those present, emphasizing the significance of the event: “We wanted to make an edition that would be different from the previous ones and also relevant and interesting today. This book is a kind of reprint of the 1918 edition, preserving the sequence of pages, original illustrations, and the original language of that period.”

Volodymyr Masliichuk, author of the preface and notes, shared his thoughts on this edition. He noted that this book and its subsequent editions appeared in turbulent periods of history.

“Dmytro Bahalii was writing this book when the Russian Empire was actually collapsing and the local population started asking ‘who are we?’, ‘Where are we from?’ He sought to answer these questions at the regional level and to create a description of the history of our region,” said the scientist.

The lecturer also drew attention to the need to rethink Dmytro Bahalii’s views, especially regarding the role of monasteries in the settlement of Sloboda Ukraine, the development of territories, and so on.

At the end, everyone wishing could ask questions.

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