March 3, 2020

Meeting of Karazin University Administration

On March 2, 2020, Karazin University held a meeting of its Administration.

At the beginning, the Administration members heard information about the coronavirus infection from Head of the Department of General and Clinical Immunology and Allergology of the University School of Medicine, high level infectious disease physician Tetiana Liadova and from  Deputy Chief Physician for Polyclinic Work of the Municipal Healthcare Institution “Kharkiv City Student Hospital”, Vitalii Melnyk.

In particular, Tetiana Liadova noted that the situation with the coronavirus infection is somewhat exaggerated, as cases of this virus are recorded annually.

“The past coronavirus epidemic, which broke out in the late 2000s, also began in China, but had another mutation and began with severe respiratory distress syndrome that had a higher mortality rate of 7-10%. Now the mortality rate is up to 2%. It should be added that during the past epidemic of the swine flu, the number of fatal cases was much higher,” said Tetiana Liadova.

Vitalii Melnyk reported on the precautionary measures being taken regarding students suspected of having the coronavirus.

The doctors emphasized the relevance and importance of anti-epidemiological measures: in case of suspected acute respiratory illness, you should consult a doctor, wash your hands with soap, use aseptic solutions, disinfect, ventilate the premises. They also added that wearing a mask is not a 100% protection against infection because it can penetrate the mucous membrane of the conjunctiva.

Oleksandr Khyzhniak, Head of the International Relations Department, spoke about the work under framework agreements, agreements with foreign institutions of higher education in 2019.

He noted that at the end of 2019, Karazin University had 187 partners in all parts of the world, most of them from Poland, China, Italy, France, Germany. The main forms of cooperation are secondments of scientists, faculty, students, graduate students, etc. to partner institutions, receiving foreign delegations, participants of international events at the University, visits of HEI leadership and partner organizations, international events, international summer schools, lectures, participation of foreigners in international events (conferences, presentations, trainings), and more. Oleksandr Khyzhniak also presented the results of the implementation of Karazin University Development Strategy 2019-2025 in the field of mobility, conclusion of international framework agreements.

Also the event presented certificates to faculty members whose distance courses were recognized as teaching aids.

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