October 3, 2019

Open Lecture “Future of Journalism in the Age of Social Networking”

Karazin University held the open lecture “Future of Journalism in the Age of Social Networking” by an experienced media manager, media strategy expert, journalist, editor, reporter Artem Liss.

In his speech, the lecturer addressed the issue of trust in the media, the use of information by populists, the increased popularity of messengers instead of social networks among users, podcasts, and the importance of promoting the theory of media literacy.

Artem Liss gave examples of research conducted by the Reuters news agency (Great Britain) and the results of surveys of the Edelman consultancy firm (USA). He concluded that the main problem of our time is the reduction in trust in primary sources.

The lecturer emphasized the growing popularity of podcasts. He noted that today the iTunes music internet service has 750,000 podcasts and statistics show that 92% of users listen to the whole audio. According to him, the effectiveness of advertising in podcasts is 60%.

Artem Liss expressed the opinion that the modern media should take more advantage of the latest technologies, such as augmented reality, should choose its niche target audience and work with it. This will make the media more competitive.

At the end of the lecture, the students asked the lecturer questions. Those present held a fruitful discussion on the current situation in the Ukrainian media and expressed their opinions.

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