August 31, 2019

Ceremonial Initiation into Karazin University Studentry

Karazin University has held its traditional ceremony of first-year students’ initiation into studentry. The event took place with the participation of Head of Kharkiv State Administration, Yuliia Svitlychna, Chairman of the Board of Kharkiv Organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Viktor Kovtun, the University President, Vil Bakirov, Vice-Presidents, deans, faculty, and students.

Vil Bakirov congratulated the first-year students on the holiday, “You have ahead of you five or even more happiest and most responsible years of your life. It is an investment in your future, professional career, family happiness. And you should work hard not to waste these years and to be a little different than now when you leave the University's walls — more intelligent, purposeful, erudite, professional. The success of this work depends on two components: on the one hand, it is the efforts of our professors — our wisdom, knowledge, experience, but on the other hand, it is your young creative energy, zeal, aspiration for knowledge. If we combine these two components, it will be great.”

“Today is a special day for you to remember for your lifetime. Without doubt, what you acquire during your studies will stay with you forever. These instructors of one of the best universities in Ukraine will give you the opportunity to become professionals, to discover talents and open up to the world. Indeed, the future of our glorious state depends on your energy, strength and perseverance. I wish you to go down this path with dignity and always be winners,” said Yuliia Svitlychna.

The Dean of the School of Philosophy, Ivan Karpenko, Head of the Student Council of the University, Daniela Daas, Head of the International Student Council, Madamin Asrorov, Captain of Karazin University Futsal team, Vice-Champion of the European Futsal Championship among universities, Maksym Panasenko, congratulated first-year students on joining the big Karazin University family.

On behalf of the first-year students, the students oath was read by the School of Chemistry student, bronze medalist of the International Mendeleev Olympiad in Chemistry, winner of the All-Ukrainian Schoolchildren Olympiad in Chemistry Den Martymianov; the School of Biology student, winner of the All-Ukrainian Research Paper Contest among pupils members of the Minor Academy of Sciences and All-Ukrainian Schoolchildren Olympiad in Biology Vlada Bondarenko.

As is the tradition, the torch of knowledge symbolizing aspiration and thirst for the rich treasury of the world science achievements got lit again.

At the end of the ceremony, the University choir performed the student anthem “Gaudeamus”.

After the festivities, the first-year students attended lectures given by leading researchers of the University.

This year, the lecturers were Vil Bakirov, Vice-President Anton Panteleimonov, Vice-President Mykola Azarienkov, Dean of the School of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Hryhorii Zoltkevych, Dean of the School of History, Serhii Lytovchenko, Acting Dean of the School of International Economic Relations and Travel Business, Andrii Husliev, Dean of the School of Economics, Oleksandr Davydov.

They familiarized the students with the specifics of the University’s activity in general, the history of Kharkiv University, peculiarities of the educational process, learning opportunities, comprehensive development, leisure activities at the University, etc.

Karazin University congratulates its first-year students on acquiring a new status and joining a friendly University corporation, wishes inspiration, thirst for learning new things, patience and productive years of study!

Ceremonial Initiation into Karazin University Studentry
August 31, 2019
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