August 5, 2019

Opening of International Summer School "Mass Displacement: Focus on Internally Displaced Persons in Post-Soviet Countries"

The International Summer School “Mass Displacement: Focus on Internally Displaced Persons in Post-Soviet Countries” started its work at Karazin University. Its participants are scholarship holders of the DAAD grant program, students of German higher education institutions.

The uniqueness of Karazin University Summer School lies in its focus on internally displaced persons in Ukraine and post-Soviet countries, as well as on study visits to IDP camps, charitable and public organizations dealing with migrants of Kharkiv region.

The solemn opening was held with the participation of the Vice-President Anton Panteleimonov, Head of the International Relations Department, Oleksandr Khyzhniak, Junior Field Officer of the UN Refugee Agency’s Field Office in Kharkiv Vartan Muradian, Project Managers of the International Relations Office Olena Mashintseva and Yevheniia Kurtasova, the School lecturers and project participants.

Anton Panteleimonov told those present about the history of the University, its scientific achievements and its participation in the Ukrainian and international rankings of higher education institutions. Oleksandr Khyzhniak presented the lecturers of the School, in particular the Associate Professor of the Sociology Department of Kirikkale University (Turkey) Chataia Sharpa, the Associate Professor of the School of International Economic Relations and Travel Business Valerii Rieznikov, the Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Sociology and Social Communications of the School of Sociology Maksym Folomieiev, the Associate Professor of the Department of Social and Economic Geography and Regional Studies of the School of Geology, Geography, Recreation and Tourism Kateryna Sehida, and other experts who will join the School during its functioning.

For his part, Vartan Muradian told about the peculiarities and areas of work of the UN Refugee Agency’s Field Office in Kharkiv and noted that an organized visit to the office is planned for the participants of the Summer School.

According to the Summer School program, the first lectures have started today. Valerii Rieznikov will tell the students about the geopolitical course of Ukraine, its analysis and current state.

The areas of training are the following: general information on the current situation, socio-economic and socio-psychological aspects of displacement, its humanitarian aspects, new patterns and scenarios of migration. The School will be open until August 16, 2019.

Translation by Veronika Vetukhova

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