July 2, 2019

Solemn Graduation of Foreign Students

Karazin University held the solemn graduation of foreign medical students of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University.

At first, the masters laid flowers at the Monument to V. N. Karazin. The celebration continued at Mykola Lysenko Kharkiv National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet.

The meeting was attended by Counsellor of Ghana in Ukraine, Albert Kitcher, representatives of Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education: President, Oleksandr Khvysiuk, Vice-President, Viktor Kryvobok, Vice-President, Abass Mahmud Kaafarani, — President, Vil Bakirov, Vice-President, Anton Panteleimonov, Dean of the School of Medicine, Ihor Belozorov, Director of the Institute of International Education of the University, Oleksii Navrotskyi, and others.

The ceremony began with the performance of Kharkiv Youth Academic Symphony Orchestra Slobozhanskyi, which performed Isaak Dunaievskyi’s composition and the melody from the movie “Masquerade”, and the parade of flags of countries from which the graduates came.

Vil Bakirov congratulated the graduates, “We thank each of you for these unforgettable years of cooperation, support and creation of a unique creative atmosphere due to your participation and your inspiration. Today you leave the walls of alma mater, which became for you a demanding and wise teacher, educator, mentor and a good friend. I am convinced that during the next years the awareness of significance of Karazin University in your life will grow. You are the graduates of the new time. You have great potential and endless possibilities. Good luck to you!”

Albert Kitcher wished the graduates never to stop and achieve new heights. Anton Panteleimonov expressed the hope that the student years in Karazin University were the best for the graduates, and noted that Kharkiv University doors would be always open for them.

Ihor Belozorov congratulated the graduates, “You have chosen one of the most noble and necessary professions on Earth. Today wide horizons and great prospects open to you. And of course, at the moment, the most important task for you is to decide on a profession, to become a good specialist and to be necessary to people. I want to wish you good health, medical temper and proudly carry the honorary title of Kazarin University.”

After the congratulations, the most important event in the life of each doctor took place — the future physicians solemnly took the Hippocratic oath. Also the best graduates were awarded with diplomas.

Translation by Elvira Akhmedova

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