July 1, 2020

Online Project to Mark Architecture Day

Every year on July 1, Ukraine celebrates Architecture Day in honor of those professionals who create the spatial environment of human life and activity.

The complex of old buildings of Kharkiv University in Universytetska Street, its modern Main and Northern Buildings in Svoboda Square are recognized architectural landmarks of Kharkiv and are protected by law as architectural monuments.

Representatives of Karazin University also inscribed their names in the history of world architecture. Back in 1802, the University founder Vasyl Karazin, writing the “Regulation about Kharkiv University”, proposed to establish a special department where students would study architecture, mechanics, hydraulics, land planning.

In the XIX — early XX century, Kharkiv University had the first specialized department of architecture in Ukraine. At different times, its professors and students took a direct part in creating visual and spatial images of Ukrainian and foreign cities. You can view some examples of their creative activity within the framework of an online exhibition prepared by P. T. Tronko Center for Area Studies.

The project uses photos from the collections of P. T. Tronko Center for Area Studies of the University, as well as from open Internet sources.