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January 20, 2020

University Academic Board Meeting

On January 20, 2020, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University is holding its regular meeting.


— Report: “Budget 2020. Education and Science”.

Speaker: Head of the Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance, School of Economics, Viktor Hluchshenko.

— On the approval of the University’s budget 2020.

Speaker: Vice-President for Economic and Social Affairs, Anatolii Udod.

— On the formula for financing higher education institutions.

Speaker: Head of the Planning and Finance Department, Nadiia Khruslova.

— Awarding the University prizes.

Speaker: Vice-President for Research and Teaching, Mykola Azarienkov.

— Current affairs.

Beginning: at 14:00

Venue: University Academic Board Assembly Hall, 4th floor, University Main Building, 4 Svobody Sq

Meeting of University Academic Boards Assembly
January 29, 2020
Opening of Reconstructed Mykola Barabashov Museum of Astronomy
January 29, 2020
Opening of Medical Training Simulation Center
January 29, 2020
Joint Meeting of the Board of Overseers and Academic Board of Karazin University to Mark the University’s 215th Anniversary
January 28, 2020
Opening of Exhibition “University Treasures: Karazin University’s Collections of the 19th-21st Centuries” and Presentation of Video Project “Modern Voices of University Classics”
January 28, 2020
Opening of Art Exhibition of People’s Artist of Ukraine, Karazin University Doctor Honoris Causa Viktor Kovtun “With University in Heart”
January 23, 2020
Scientific and Methodological Seminar “State Standards of Testing Foreign Applicants of Ukrainian HEIs”
January 23, 2020
Scientific and Educational Project Intellect Networking: Lecture "City Myths About Kharkiv Ancient Catacombs: Transformation of Reality and Perspectives of Representation"
January 22, 2020
University Academic Board Meeting
January 20, 2020
General Physical Seminar "Problems of Modern Physics"
January 17, 2020
University Graduation Ceremony
January 13, 2020
Art Event to Mark Karazin University’s 215th Anniversary
January 11, 2020