Department of Language Training 1

The Department provides educational, methodological, research work on language training of international seekers of Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees. It also conducts research in the specialization of the Department, prepares academic staff and upgrades their research, pedagogical and professional skills.

The Department faculty have developed the following specialized courses:

  • Regional Studies of Ukraine
  • Word Formation
  • Stylistics
  • Linguistic Regional Studies
  • Methods of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language
  • Translation Practice

An important area of work of the Department is the development of methodological principles for teaching foreigners the Ukrainian language:

  • Practical Ukrainian Language for students from CIS countries
  • Business Ukrainian Language
  • Ukrainian Language of Professional Orientation
  • Ukrainian Language
  • Modern Ukrainian Language

Address: room 3-81, University Main Building, 4 Svobody Sq

Phone: 707-55-30


  • Nataliya I. Ushakova
    Head of the Department of Language Training 1
    Docotor of Science (Pedagogy), Full Professor
    Nataliya I. Ushakova

    Address: Svobody sq., 4, Kharkov, 61022