About the School

Web site: http://fl.karazin.ua/

The history of the School of Foreign Languages traces back to 1930 when N. K. Krupska Pedagogic Institute of Foreign Languages was established in Kharkiv.

Nowadays the School prepares foreign philology specialists knowing two, three and more foreign languages.

The School is divided into nine Departments and employs more than 230 highly-qualified instructors, including 15 Doctors of Sciences and 85 PhDs.

The School offers the BA program in philology (4 years of study), Specialist and MA programs in philology (1.5 years).

BA students obtain basic higher education in foreign philology and the qualification of a teacher or interpreter/translator from/into two foreign languages.

Specialist and MA programs in philology provide the complete university education and the qualification of a teacher or interpreter/translator from/into two or more foreign languages.

The School offers full-time and part-time studies. Individuals studying at other Schools of the University or in other higher education institutions of the city are allowed to take a ‘parallel’ course of study at the School of Foreign Languages. There is also an opportunity to obtain a degree in foreign philology for those who previously majored in other fields.

Approximately 1,500 students, including international ones, are currently doing a degree course at the School.

All education-related expenses are covered either by the state or by an individual.

English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic are taught at the School. In addition to the languages, the University curriculum includes basic and professionally-oriented subjects. Among them are Basics of Linguistics, Foreign Literature, Latin, Lexicology, Theory of Grammar, Stylistics, Linguacultural Studies, Theory and Practice of Translation, Computer Studies, History of Literature, Pedagogy, Foreign Language Teaching, Rhetoric. Optional courses in Translation and Foreign Philology are run as well.

The School offers a course for post-graduate students and has the Thesis Committee for awarding PhD degrees in Germanic languages (English, German). The School of Foreign Languages publishes the Visnyk academic journal (Problems of Romance and Germanic Philology, Translation Studies and Foreign Language Teaching).

The School has a strong material and technical base. These are two computer classrooms, a simultaneous interpreting classroom, an access to the Internet, audio/video equipment.

Textbooks and teaching materials, prepared by the teaching staff of the School, are published at the School Publishing Center.

The School is constantly increasing its opportunities. A new Educational Resource Center offers a great variety of learning/teaching materials in English. Learning/teaching materials in other languages are to be offered in the nearest future.

The School Linguistic Center runs regular language courses and summer language courses, performs and certifies translations on a paid basis.

The recently established International Center for Language Certification offers training for academic staff, seekers of higher education of the University and other higher education institutions to take international English and German exams, conducts tests and issues international exam certificates to graduates.