Laboratory of analytical environmental researches

about execution of works in the laboratory of analytical environmental researches at ecological faculty

Teaching and research laboratory of analytical environmental researches is the part of the ecological faculty. Laboratory is located on the second floor of the University Northern building, Svobody sq., 6.

Laboratory activities focus on laboratory researches food quality, soil, water and air environment for student’s learning and diploma.

Laboratory equipped with atomic absorption spectrophotometer C-115ПK, photocolorimeters КФК-2 and КФК-3, polarograph universal ПУ-1with recorder, laboratory pH-meters and ionometers, centrifuges, analytical balances ВЛА-200 and technochemical balances, distiller, muffle oven, drying cabinets, air sampler ПУ, illuminometer and other instruments and laboratory glassware, reagents and methodological literature. Laboratory staff – three specialists: head of laboratory, engineer of the first category, senior laboratory assistant.

The laboratory has permission of Territorial administration of the state committee of Ukraine for industrial safety, labor protection and mining supervision in the Kharkiv region № 837.08.63-29.32.1, which gives the right to conduct research on tools and equipment using hazardous substances hazard class 2,3,4 and vessels under pressure.

In the lab are working with sample preparation and determination of quality and chemical properties of environmental objects (soil, food plants and animals, groundwater, rain, snow, dew, etc.).

Laboratory and practical sessions of three courses are held in the laboratory, 4th and 5th year full-time students and 5th, 6th year distant learning students are conducting research on prequalification practices in full on the basis of laboratory.