About the School

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The School of Biology provides training of Bachelors in the field of Biology (091). The BA degree is awarded after the successfully completed 4-year-course. After 4-year course of study the students are qualified as «laboratory assistant in the field of Biology». From 2015 The School of Biology starts training of Bachelors in the field of Biotechnology and Bioengineering (162). After 4-year course the students are qualified as «laboratory technician in the field of Biotechnology». The Master degree is awarded after the successfully completed 1.5-year-course (after obtaining BA degree). The departments train Masters according to specialty, providing teaching of the special courses and preparing of Master’s thesis. The School of Biology provides the Full-Time and the Distant forms of study.

Bases of Practice

The high standards of training are reinforced by educational and scientific bases (the Biological station, the hydrobiological laboratory, the Botanical Garden, the Museum of Nature, University’s Institute of Biology, Herbarium), branches of departments in scientific institutions (Kharkiv), scientific contacts of the School of Biology with scientific institutions and High Schools of Ukraine and abroad.

Placement of graduates

Graduates of School of Biology work as teachers of biological disciplines at Secondary and High Schools, as scientific collaborators in scientific-research organizations of biological, medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, agricultural, nature-defending and food profiles. The advanced graduates are successfully being trained as post-graduates and work at High School and in scientific Institutes. Our alumni work in many countries all around the world.

Post-graduate course

At the School of Biology there are post-graduate courses by specialities: Biochemistry (biological sciences); Botany; Cytology, cell biology, hystology; Human and animal physiology; Genetics; Biotechnology School of Biology has begun PhD programs majoring in 091-Biology. The Program covers subjects of general scientific, special, language and teacher training. During 4 years post-graduate students perform their research work that is finished by writing of doctoral thesis by his specialization at the certain department.

Scientific work

The fields of research at the School of Biology are diverse and depend on scientific interests of the departments. Results of scientific work by both fundamental and applied directions are published in special editions in Ukraine as well as abroad. Students and stuff of the School take an active part in the international conferences.

“The Journal of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Series: biology” (ISSN 2075-5457) is a collection of scientific works containing results of studies and reviews on biology.

Editorial board :

School of Biology, room 6-13

V. N. Karazin’s Kharkov National University , Svobody sq., 4, Kharkov , Ukraine , 61022

Tel. +38 057 707-55-71

Student research society takes an active part in the organization of Ukrainian and Kharkov biological tournaments, student olimpiads, conferences, scientific works competitions. Every year the Student research society of the School of Biology organizes International scientific conference of young scientists «BIOLOGY: FROM MOLECULE TO BIOSPHERE»

History of the School of Biology

The School of Biology started in 1804 as the Department of Natural History and Botany of the Section of Physics and Mathematics. Among University biologists that have made a great contribution to Ukrainian and world science are Ilya Mechnikov, a Nobel prizewinner; famous botanists V. Chernyaev, L. Reinhardt, L. Tzenkovsky, V. Arnoldi, O. Korshikov, L. Shkorbatov, О. Matvienko, Yu. Prokudin; mycologists-phytopathologists — А. Potebnya, Т. Strakhov; plant physiologists — V. Palladin, V. Zalessky, G. Semenenko; zoologists — О. Chernai, О. Nikolsky, V. Stanchinsky, S. Medvedev, Е. Umansky, М. Kalabukhov, E. І. Lukin, V. М. Epshtein; physiologists (of human and animals) — І. Schelkov, V. Danilevsky, О. Nagorny, V. Nikitin; biochemists — І. Bulankin, E. Parina, P. Kaliman; geneticists — І. Polyakov, М. Dubinin, V. Shakhbazov.

At present, The School of Biology employs a total of 50 highly-qualified staff, including professors and associate professors. Approximately 600 students, including the foreigners, are currently doing a degree course at the School.