About the Center

Center for International Cooperation was founded in 2012. In its activity the center aims at promotion of the University integration into European and international community, as well as at active and efficient building of an infocommunicational network to further and extend the University’s international activity. The Center’s main objectives are organization of international events at all levels; drawing up invitations, orders and other documents related to the University’s international activity; ensuring technical, linguistic and informational aspects of the University’s international activity.

The Center consists of the following subdivisions:

  • Director
    PhD (Pedagogy)
    Iryna O. Shteimiller

    Phone: +38 (057) 705-09-54
    Address: Svobody sq., 6, Kharkov, 61022
    Office: 400
    Fax: +38 (057) 705-09-54