University Conferences

October 25, 2018

International Research and Practice Conference "Problems of Optimal Functioning of the Individual in Modern Conditions

Karazin University held the International Research and Practice Conference “Problems of Optimal Functioning of the Individual in Modern Conditions”.

The conference included a Skype research discussion on the problems of optimal functioning of the individual. The participants of the discussion were psychologists from different regions of Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia.

The Dean of the School of Psychology, Nadiia Kreidun, explained the choice of the conference theme, “Translated from Latin, the word ‘optimus’ means the best. Therefore, we are talking about optimal functioning as the best way of behavior, the personality’s choice. In this way, everyone defines the motive of their actions and builds a scenario of their own life in general.”

The Head of the Department of General Psychology, Valerii Olefir, focused on the relevance of the event. The chosen theme coincides with the leading direction of modern international psychology — positive psychology. Its main research focus is positive traits and functioning of the personality. He said that the Department of Psychology continues the tradition of studying the memory processes, but at the same time it studies positive traits of the personality, in particular personal resources, potential, features that are formed during lifetime and can be corrected, associated with successful activities and adaptation to the conditions of the modern world.

The Head of the Department of Applied Psychology, Iryna Kriazh, emphasized that current conditions are predominantly challenges and changes in various spheres of life. In her opinion, an important mediator of optimal change is trust.

The Professor of Social Psychology, Director of the Baltic International Academy Psychology Department, Iryna Plotka, made a report "The Implicit Dimensions of Attitudes in Training Psychology Students".

The conference participants held a roundtable on training psychologists in Kharkiv. The specialists of the School of Psychology held master classes.

Also, within the framework of the conference, the employees of the Central Scientific Library prepared an exhibition. Among the exhibits were works of the representatives of Kharkiv School of Psychology of the 30s, its founder, Oleksii Leontiev, and the works of the founder of cultural and historical psychology, Lev Vyhotskyi.

Translation by Veronika Vetukhova