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February 22 through February 23, 2018

International Kronenberh Readings “Antiquity – Classics – Contemporaneity”

We are pleased to invite everyone interested to participate in the I International Kronenberh Readings “Antiquity — Classics — Contemporaneity” to be held at V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University on February 22 through February 23, 2018.

Event organizer: Department of History of Foreign Literature and Classical Philology of the School of Philology.

Conference focus areas:

— Classical Philology at Kharkiv University: History and the present.

— Classical heritage of the antiquity and neomythologism of modern literature.

— Pproblem of studying a literary work through the prism of the interaction of a text and context.

— Genre transformation and expansion of discursive properties of a literary text.

— Literary anthropology as a study of the dialectical unity of the cultural, axiological, psychological and material spheres of “literary being” of the character.

— Author — text — reader and the receptive potential of artistic discourse.

— Intertextuality as a means of modeling the artistic reality of a text.

— Multiculturalism: sociocultural arguments of modernization of the classical canon.

— Intermedial dimensions of artistic discourse.

— Modern literary prose in the mirror of narrative strategies.

— Analysis of a literary text and the integrity of a literary work.

— Lexical and grammatical systems of classical languages and methods of their study.

— Classical languages in the dialogue of cultures: problems of development and functioning in the polyethnic space.

— Classical texts in the dimension of modern theories of translation studies.

— Linguocultural heritage of the antiquity in the movement of cultures and discourses: images, symbols, archetypes.

Conference working languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian.

Applications submission deadline: January 14, 2018.

Contact Information

Теlephone: +380 (63) 389-04-66 — Viktoriia Kurylo, +380 (50) 069-22-72 — Nataliia Proskurina


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