Congress of Ukraine’s Sociological Association “New Inequalities — New Conflicts: Ways to Overcome Them” >> Karazin University

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October 12–13, 2017

Congress of Ukraine’s Sociological Association “New Inequalities — New Conflicts: Ways to Overcome Them”

We are pleased to invite everyone interested to participate in the III Congress of the Sociological Association of Ukraine “New Inequalities — New Conflicts: Ways to Overcome Them” to be held at Karazin University on October 12–13, 2017.

Organizers: Sociological Association of Ukraine, School of Sociology of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University.

The purpose of the Congress is to define possible ways to overcome social tension caused by the deepening of social inequality in the country, the emergence of its new forms manifested in the unequal access of Ukrainians to the social resources, particularly to high-quality secondary and higher education, employment, fair wages and pensions, quality medical and recreational services, cultural resources, etc.

Congress focus areas:

  • The state of logic and methodology of sociology in Ukraine: Is making no headway or moving forward?
  • Methods of collecting quantitative sociological information in the modern world.
  • Structures of inequalities: social splits, trends in change, policy challenges.
  • Social tension in a crisis society: factors of actualization and mechanisms of overcoming.
  • Values and culture in a disparate social order.
  • The social space of Ukraine in wartime: new divisions, deviations and social movements.
  • New formation in the social structure: identification and description.
  • Social inequalities in the context of ethnodynamics of the modern world.
  • Social policy and social work in terms of the actualization of new social inequalities.
  • Public Administration in terms of social changes: overcoming inequalities/conflict settlement.
  • Sociology of state administration in terms of new social challenges
  • Quality methods in studying new social inequalities.
  • Problems of modernization in contemporary theorization and practical politics.
  • The processes of integration/disintegration in the modern world.
  • Volunteer movement in Ukraine: new forms, problems, challenges.
  • Information inequality as a new form of social differentiation: opportunities of sociological analysis and forecasting.
  • Economic equality vs inequality in the criteria of social justice.
  • Social forecasting: urban studies and social policy.
  • Visual analytics, sociology of visual symbolism and corporality sociology when studying social inequality.
  • Gender studies: from civic movements to gender policy.
  • Youth is in a society of unequal: factors and mechanisms of self-realization.
  • Education in the XXI century: development vectors.
  • Modern migration processes in Ukraine, change in migration doctrine, chronicle of migration after the USSR collapse.
  • Modern communications and perspectives of communicative technologies development.
  • A sociologist’s socio-technological resources in solving contemporary issues of the society: in search of the latest forms of professionalism support.
  • Religions and public space.
  • Free time and leisure in the processes of the society’s social development.
  • Tourist practices in the sociological dimension.
  • Sociology and medicine: interaction in terms of social differentiation.
  • Sociology in action: reforms review.
  • Borders, identity, mobility.
  • Law and social inequality. Legal conflictology.

Information letter (in Ukrainian, PDF, 524 Kb)

Translation by Inna Zaets