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Zarif F. Nazyrov

Head of the Department

PhD (Physics and Mathematics), Full Professor

Address: Mironosyts'ka str., 1, Kharkov, 61002

Office: 2-8


Vice-President for Research and Educational Affairs

Leadership / President and Vice-Presidents

Phone: +38 (057) 702-01-65, +38 (057) 707-56-27

Fax: +38 (057) 705-12-49


Phone: +38 (057) 707-56-27



Zarif Nazyrov was born on April 4, 1955 in Kharkiv.

He is a candidate of physical and mathematical sciences.

In 1977 he graduated from M. Gorky Kharkiv State University by speciality mathematics.

In 1988 he defended the graduation paper in a specialized academic council of Kharkiv State University.

The length of teaching experience in higher educational establishments of III - IV accreditation levels is 23 years. He worked as the assistant at Department of Higher Mathematics and Computer Sciences (1986-1989), as senior lecturer at School of Higher Mathematics and Computer Sciences (1989-1992), as the deputy of the Dean of the School of Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering (1989-2004), as an associate professor at School of Higher Mathematics and Computer Sciences (1992-2008), since September 2009 is an associate professor at the Department of Mathematical methods in economy at School of Economics, executes the duties of the Head of the Department. During 2004 - 2009 he has been the Head of International Students Education Center.

Since April 2009 till present holds the post of Vice Rector on Scientific and Academic work carrying out duties of Vice Rector of international relations.