January 17, 2019

Kharkiv Regional Contest of Student Research Papers in Natural, Technical and Humanitarian Sciences: Call for Participation

The Regional Contest of Student Research Papers in Natural, Technical and Humanitarian Sciences is a yearly voluntary submission of student research papers for consideration by the contest committees created by the Council of University Presidents of Kharkiv Region and the Department of Science and Education of Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

The participants in the contest can be original students’ or student team’s (no more than three persons) research papers on topical issues in the field of natural, technical, and humanitarian sciences that have scientific and practical value, introduced into production and used in the educational process.

Every paper must be supplemented by:

— higher education institutions referral;

— abstract of the research paper, list of publications on the contest paper, information on the implementation of its results, patents, etc.;

— academic adviser’s report indicating, in particular, the level of independence of the paper (in arbitrary form).

All the contest documents are signed and attested as required.

For more information, please follow the link.

Papers submission deadline: February 25, 2019

The works must be submitted to the person responsible for compiling the contest papers Natalia Sobran at the address: room 137, 1st floor, University Northern Building, 6 Svobody Sq

Phone: +380 (57) 707-55-23, +380 (66) 803-49-28


Translation by Veronika Vetukhova

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