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January 3, 2019

Online Exhibition “Festive Traditions in Kharkiv University”

On the occasion of New Year and Christmas holidays, P. T. Tronko Center for Area Studies of Karazin University offers an online exhibition of photographs showing holiday celebrations, above all others, New Year within the University walls, in the mid-/second half of XX century.

The project supervisor was the Deputy Director of P. T. Tronko Center for Area Studies Olha Vovk.

The large majority of the exhibition photos are dated 1960-1970, but the oldest exhibit item is a poster announcing a University festive evening held in April 1945 during World War II.

Please follow this link to know more about the project “Festive Traditions in Kharkiv University”. 

Translation by Veronika Vetukhova

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Online Exhibition “Festive Traditions in Kharkiv University”
January 3, 2019