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September 6, 2018

Smart Specialization Strategies (S3): Presentation of Project Implemented in Kharkiv Region

Karazin University held a presentation of the results of the preliminary analysis of smart specialization priorities and opportunities for launching entrepreneurial activity in Kharkiv region in the context of the European Union’s initiative “Smart Specialization Strategies”.

The event was attended by the European Commission representatives — Monika Matusiak, Fernando  Merida, Doroty Przuludska, and Lina Stanionite, the Head of Staff of Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Viktoriia Beliavtseva, the Project Manager of the he Reform Support Office of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Olha Bolibok, and the University President, Vil Bakirov.

The University President met with honorary guests, told the main facts about the University and said that the smart specialization strategy is important for the development of the region and the country's economy as a whole.

Smart Specialization Strategies is an innovation policy concept that focuses on knowledge-based economic transformation. For its successful implementation, it is necessary to have institutional capacity, strong evidence base, open dialogue with a wide range of all concerned, and viable monitoring, financing and implementation systems.

“This is a very serious approach that involves the development of the region. The strategy will allow to solve social and economic problems and to move forward,” said Vil Bakirov during the presentation.

Viktoriia Beliavtseva stressed that the pilot project will start in the most developed region in Ukraine, which is Kharkiv Region.

“The main task of the program is to teach regional experts to use smart strategies, to create and implement a policy for their functioning. The aim is to launch an open strategic dialogue with representatives of business, universities and civil society,” said Olha Bolibok.

At the end of the official part, Monika Matusiak pointed out that the event was aimed at a wide range of interested parties representing the main enterprises and business associations of Kharkiv region, innovative companies, leading academic subdivisions of universities, etc.

The event continued in the format of presentations of representatives of business, academic circles, public administration and civil society on the topic of economic, innovative and scientific potential of Kharkiv region.

During the plenary discussion, the participants had an opportunity to discuss potential and existing strengths, problems, and priority areas of the region's development.

Translation by Veronika Vetukhova

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