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July 11, 2018

Online Project Dedicated to Student Practices at Kharkiv University

The tradition of summer student practices at Karazin University has a long history and dates back more than a decade. Their origin has been traced back to the early ХІХ century. For example, F. O. Delavin, one of the first University professors, arranged the botanical excursions for students during which they collected the samples of the most common plants in Sloboda Ukraine.

Since 1914, the Siversky Donetsk Biological Station has been functioning at the University, where summer practices still take place. A bit later they had their practices in more distant regions, particularly in Moldova, Belarus, the Caucasus, etc. This process was interrupted by World War II, but shortly when the war ended, the practices were resumed.

In the postwar period, the students-historians annually took part in the archaeological excavations, as well as had museum and archival practices in the cities with the greatest historical and cultural heritage.

In the early XXI century, the traditions have been preserved. In the summer, the students do practical training in the field conditions and specialized institutions. Their purpose is to reinforce the skills of independent and responsible work, to deepen theoretical knowledge, to get acquainted with the specific nature of the future speciality.

Within the framework of the area studies practice, the University students-historians have prepared an online project dedicated to the student practices at Kharkiv University.

It presents photos of student practices at Kharkiv University taken during the 1920-1990s.

Thanks to the project, it is possible to trace the process of shaping this form of academic work that continues through today.

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