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June 11, 2018

Michele D'alba, a Representative of the Administration of Polytechnic University of Bari (Italy), Visits Karazin University

On June 5, 2018, Michele D’alba, a representative of the Administration of the Polytechnic University of Bari (Italy), Head of the Technical Unit of the Laboratories of Technical Physics, visited the School of Physics and Technology of Karazin University.

The Associate Dean Ihor Sereda got acquainted with the School’s work and its main aspects of international scientific cooperation. During the meeting, the Head of the Ukrainian-Italian Center, Kateryna Sorochan, and the Head of the Italian Studies Section of the Department of Romance Philology, Simon Merkantini, accompanied and provided an interpretation.

Within the framework of the visit, Michele d’Alba had a meeting with the researchers and visited eight educational and research laboratories, including the Luminescence Laboratory, where under the guidance of Associate Professor Serhii Kononenko the studies and analysis of the spectra of luminescence of various materials are conducted; the Laboratory of Diagnostics of Plasma Technological Processes, where Full Professor Oleksandr Zykov with the group creates and explores the technologies of applying functional coatings.

Valerii  Lisovskyi got acquainted with the work of the Department of High-Frequency Gas Discharge Systems. He described the properties of carbon dioxide gas discharges and their application in the Mars program.

The guest visited the laboratory of high-current beams, whose team under the guidance of Full Professor Oleksandr Biziukov is working on testing the materials of the first wall of the thermonuclear reactor ITER, the laboratory of physics and plasma diagnostics, where under the guidance of Associate Professor Oleksandr Tseluiko the works on creating powerful pulsed plasma sources of radiation are carried out, as well as the problems of hydrogen energy with regard to plasma physics are solved.

In the laboratory of vacuum-plasma technologies, Kostiantyn Sereda acquainted those present with the work of Bulat-type plants for deposition of coatings. In the scientific laboratory of metallography, Volodymyr Chyshkala spoke about the technologies of producing alloys of pure metals, functional and composite materials, protective coatings and ceramics.

A special attention was devoted to the problem laboratory of ionic processes, where there is an operating technological complex of vacuum-plasma coatings on rolled materials the power of which the Head of the Laboratory Valentyn Bobkov spoke about.

Michele D’alba pointed out the scientific potential of the School of Physics and Technology and expressed interest in joint research projects with the Polytechnic University of Bari between scientists, undergraduate and postgraduate students.

In June, it is planned to send the research documentation from research groups to the Polytechnic University of Bari for a more detailed study of Karazin University’s physical and technical directions of activity by Italian colleagues. In July, it is planned to obtain the research information from the Italian colleagues on the basis of common interests. In September, video conferences on the Erasmus + project will be held, as well as it is agreed to launch a series of joint workshops on Ukrainian-Italian scientific cooperation.

Translation by Inna Zaets

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