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November 14, 2018

Presentation of Editions of Kharkiv Private Museum of City Manor for 2018 "The Past Beside and at a Distance"

On November 14, 2018 Karazin University is holding a presentation of editions of Kharkiv Private Museum of City Manor for 2018, “The Past Beside and at a Distance”.

Event organizers: Central Scientific Library of the University, Kharkiv Private Museum of City Manor.

Editions to be presented:

— “Description of military activities of the 1st Army stated by the Commander-in-Chief of the Army, General Barclay de Tolly, with a denial of him from a probable and close participant of this war”;

— “Confessional painting of the Ascension Church in Staryi Saltov of Volchansk district of 1912”;

— “Achievements and illusions. Educational initiatives in the Left Bank and Sloboda Ukraine in the second half of the 18th — early 19th century”, author — Volodymyr Masliichuk;

— “Village of Yamnoie of Bohodukhiv district. Temple of Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God” by Andrii Paramonov;

— brochures from the series “Where we come from” on the history of Kharkiv streets and houses, individual settlements and genealogies of prominent residents of Kharkiv.

The participants of the discussion on the local history, historiography and peculiarities of Kharkiv history will be the researcher of Sloboda Ukraine history, publisher Andrii Paramonov and the author of books published in Kharkiv Private Museum of City Manor Volodymyr Masliichuk.

Beginning: at 15:00

Venue: Central Scientific Library Conference Hall, 9th floor, University Main Building, 4 Svobody Sq

For reference. Kharkiv Private Museum of City Manor began publishing in 2002. To date, it has published over 500 original research papers and numerous reeditions, collections of documents (individual sources, memoirs, diaries), small brochures on the history of individual settlements, churches, houses, illustrated albums.

Translation by Veronika Vetukhova

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