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December 8, 2017

General Physics Seminar 'Problems of Modern Physics'

Karazin University is holding the general physics seminar “Problems of Modern Physics” organized under the aegis of A. I. Akhiezer Institute of Theoretical Physics of the National Scientific Center of Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology, the School of Physics and Technology of Karazin University and the Ukrainian Physical Society.

Topic: “Dynamic Typology of Complex Biological Systems and Simulation Modeling”.

Speaker: Dmytro Shabanov, a full professor of the Department of Zoology and Animal Ecology of the School of Biology.

The seminar will be addressing the following issues:

— population biological systems with half-clonal inheritance — a special world with its laws;

— construction of dynamic typology of complex systems with the use of simulation modeling by the example of population systems of green frogs;

— multilevel selection scenarios: Invisible Hand, Invisible Leg and Invisible Head.

Beginning: at 3: 40 PM, on December 8, 2017.

Venue: room 301, Building of the School of Physics and Technology, 31 Kurchatova Ave., Piatykhatky.

The recording of the seminar will be uploaded to the YouTube Channel.

Admission is free. Everyone interested is welcome to attend.

Translation by Inna Zaets

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