Information Technologies in Power Systems


Department was founded in 2001, together with the establishment of the School of Physics and Energy.

Smart core of information technologies during the creation of information society is the mathematical modeling, which can be regarded as one of the methods of knowledge of the real world.

Under the mathematical modeling we understand the adequate replacement of the investigated physical phenomenon or process with appropriate mathematical model and its further study by methods of computational mathematics with application of modern computer technology.

At present, mathematical modeling and computational experiment are the parts of general approaches which are typical for modern information technology.

The usage of mathematical modeling and computational experiment significantly increases the efficiency of research and engineering, allows reducing of the time and money for the use of advanced physics, chemistry, mechanics and other basic sciences.

In our department the new technologies of synthesis and analysis of complex structures in systems with analytical design automation of multi-normalized equations of engineering objects in two-dimensional and three-dimensional spaces are worked out.

The methods of construction of normalized equations for complex geometry objects, which have symmetries of translational, circular and spiral types, are investigated.


Students study the methods of approximate calculation for solving the problems of physical fields of research, modern programming languages, programming tools and systems, including - POLE system, which was established under the guidance of Academician of NAS of Ukraine V.L.Rvachev. In the process of education and training course and diploma students solve several practical problems.

The department prepared undergraduate and graduate students. Analysis of employment of graduates in recent years reflects the growing demand for our team not only in specialized research institutions, but also in commercial structures. If desired, graduates can continue their education in postgraduate courses of Karazin Kharkov National University. Podgorny IPMash or NAS of Ukraine.


The basis of the department is fundamental research on the theory of R-functions, established National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine VL Rvachev. R-functions theory has enabled to solve analytic geometry inverse problem formulated by René Descartes: there is a geometric object - you need to write its equation.

R-functions theory allows describing of geometric objects by continuous differentiable functions whose values determine the threshold, the interior and other properties of the object modeled.

These functions allow to take into account geometric information analytically and are useful for various integral-differential calculations.

Theory of R-functions are used by mathematicians and other scientists around the world for solving problems of geometric design, solid modeling, pattern recognition and investigation of physical and mechanical fields in the objects of complex shape.

Computer implementation of the problems in the hydrodynamic, electromagnetic, temperature, strain and other fields is presented in the program POLE, which was developed at the Pidgorny Institute of Mechanical Engineering of NASU. The task of geometric and physical information in the form of literal parameters allows to conduct multivariate calculations.

The main scientific direction of the department is mathematical modeling of physical fields and computational methods.


Special courses for undergraduate students: "The design tools of mathematical modeling and applications," Mathematical modeling of magnetohydrodynamics, "Computational Methods in aero- hydrodynamics", "Methodology for software research," Network information technology”.

Special courses for the Masters: "Mathematical modeling of physical fields in orthogonal curved, linear and no orthogonal coordinates” and ", "Special chapters of computational methods in air hydrodynamics ", "Special chapters of programming".

Personal staff

Today the department has 4 teachers, including 2 PhD, a Ph.D. and a Ph.D. in mathematical sciences.

Head of Department - Tatiana Sheiko, PhD, Professor, State Prize of Ukraine, tel. +38 (0572) 94-27-74, Room. 1002 (IPMash NAS of Ukraine, ul. Dm. Pozharsky 2 / 10)

Victor A. Vanin, PhD, tel. +38 (0572) 95-95-40, Room. 1402 (IPMash NAS of Ukraine, ul. Dm. Pozharsky 2 / 10)

Karpuhin Alexander, Ph.D., associate professor, Tel. +38 (057) 707-50-20,

Maksimenko, Cyril V. Sheiko, Candidate of Sciences, Senior Researcher, tel. +38 (0572) 94-27-74, Room. 1002 (IPMash NAS of Ukraine, ul. Dm. Pozharsky 2 / 10)

  • Head of the Department
    Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), Full Professor
    Kostyantin E. Nemchenko
    Phone: 707-50-20