Organic Chemistry Department

The department was founded in 1894 as division of organic chemistry with its own financing. But scientific research in organic chemistry started much more earlier by prof. Einbort (1842) in the chemistry of xantine. Teaching in organic chemistry started from lectures of prof. A. Khodnev; also he worked up and printed first independent course of organic chemistry. Further organic chemistry was lectured by N. Beketov, prof. F.Garnych-Garnitsky, G.Lagemark, A.Albitsky and others. Prof. A.Kiprianov, N.Valyashko, Yu.Gabel, B.Krasovitsky, Ye.Khotinsky, L.Litvinenko, V.Lavrushin, S.Tsukerman won fame for department of organic chemistry, they made for world-famous methodic and scientific schools. From 1990 department is headed by prof. V.Orlov.

Now the department of organic chemistry teaches students of chemical and medicinal faculties in “Organic chemistry” and “Bioorganic chemistry” (including laboratory practice). It prepares bachelor and master/specialist student in two specializations: organic chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry. There are special courses: “Theoretical fundamentals of organic chemistry”, “Stereochemistry fundamentals”, “Analysis of organic compounds”, “Organic synthesis design”, “Reactivity of organic compounds and reactions mechanisms”, “Physical organic chemistry”, “Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds”, “Medicinal chemistry”, “Pharmaceutical chemistry”, “Stereoselective synthesis”.

The department maintains close contacts with ukrainian and foreign collegues, for instance, from Kyiv National T.Shevchenko University, Institute of Organic Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine, Moscow State M.V.Lomonosov University, Voronezh State University, Catholic Leuwen University (Belgium) and others. Scientific investigations of department of organic chemistry are coordinated by Scientific Council of NAS of Ukraine and Academy of Higher School in the division “Organic chemistry” in such directions:

  • organic synthesis: make up of new methods of synthesis of photo- and biologically active compounds:
  • physical-chemical and spectroscopic investigation of chemical and electron structure of organic molecules;
  • organic luminophores with anomalous Stokes shifts.

Among the stuff of department of organic chemistry there are authors of a number of textbooks and monographies (unique in contents “Medicinal chemistry”), numerous works in periodic special press with high impact-factor.

International conference “Chemistry of nitrogen-containing heterocycles” is routinely (one time for 3 years) held with particioation of department of organic chemistry, the last two ones were held in 2006 and 2009.

Department of organic chemistry is headed by Honoured Worker of Science and Technology, Honoured Professor of V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor Valeriy Dmitrievich Orlov. The stuff of department is 4 Doctors of Chemistry, Prof. Doroshenko Andriy Olegovich, Desenko Sergiy Mikhailovich, Kolos Nadiya Mykolaivna, Lipson Victoriya Victorivna, 4 Ph. D. in chemistry (among them 3 associate professors), 1 lecturer, 1 head of laboratory, 3 engineers and 3 post-graduate students.

  • Head of the Department
    Doctor of Sciences (Chemistry), Full Professor
    Valeriy D. Orlov
    Phone: 707-52-92