Germ and Stem Cells Laboratory

Germ and Stem Cells Laboratory has been organized by President of the University on September 30, 2005 at the initiative of Professor Vyacheslav V. Klymenko (Department of Genetics and Cytology, School of Biology), who is now Head of Laboratory.

The laboratory was created for comprehensive study of the nature of germ and stem cells, for experimental verification of the possibility to use their recovery potential in regenerative medicine. The experiments are carried out on model objects (mammals, amphibians, insects and other invertebrates). The basis of laboratory studies is experimental biological analysis of the properties and behavior of autologous germ and stem cells that are obtained by biopsy, propagated and induced in vitro, and then returned to the donor by injection or implantation for the treatment of certain diseases or injuries.

Ontogenetic relations between germ and stem cells and their regenerative potential are studied in the laboratory by biochemical, genetic and cytological methods as well as by methods of cells, tissues and organs culturing in vivo and in vitro. In research of pluri- and totipotency of germ and stem cells the Laboratory exploits parthenocloning discovered in 1936 by academician B.L.Astaurov (he has obtained clones of the silkworm that have become now a part of the unique laboratory collection).

The laboratory has some achievements, among which are decision of the problem of parthenocloning of inbred genotypes, and finding of variability in germ cells (mature oocytes in females). New approaches for the induction of mammal and insect stem cells to different cell types are under development. Cytological methods developed in the laboratory have been successfully used in the research of Department of Genetics and Cytology and Department of Zoology and Ecology.

The laboratory keeps contacts and cooperates with scientists from several countries (Russia, Japan, France, Italy, China, Czech Republic) and works on joint projects with Kharkov Medical University, Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, as well as with other medical institutions.

Laboratory staff consists of 5 researchers: Vyacheslav Klymenko (full Professor, Dr. Sci. in Biology), 1 PhD and 3 PhD students. Three PhD theses have been prepared to be defended in 2011.